Our Web Design Services

At Loaded.com web design, we will turn your dream website into reality. Our skilled web designers are able to build your website around you and your ideas using any information provided to maximum effect. You provide the text and images, then let our web design team do the rest.

Maybe you have seen a website you like, or you have design preferences and ideas - let us know and we'll add those key features and personal touches to make the site truly yours.

Perhaps you already have something in place and would like some tweaks here and there, or you need some elements redesigned - Our capable website design team can provide any assistance required.

The majority of websites will fall in to one of the following three main categories, however for items such as e-commerce sites, we are able to offer a quote tailored to your specific requirements on request.

  • Loaded Cactus Full site Design :: £299 plus VAT

    Our Full website design packages are ideal for businesses who want a professional web presence and a site they're able to easily update themselves.

    A full site design includes...

    • Five page website design
      A unique website design - add more pages at our hourly rate.
    • A personal web designer
      To see your project from the start to providing follow up support.
    • Easy site updates
      Update your site quickly & easily with our online software InstantPro.
    • A simple shop
      'Buy' buttons leading to Paypal, Worldpay or Google Checkout.
    • Search engine optimisation
      Keyword inclusion & tags, helping the right people find your website.
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  • Loaded Cactus Maintained Web Site & Free Web Site Design :: £30 plus VAT

    If your business or organisation needs a website, but you don't have time to handle ongoing updates or SEO, then our maintained web site package would be ideal for you.

    The package includes a free full website design (as per the full site design package) and on going site maintenance, so if you want anything changed, added or amended on your website then you just let us know and we'll do it for you.

    A maintained website includes...

    • Monthly updates
      One hour of updates or additional content every month.
    • Search engine optimisation
      Also called SEO we optimise text & tags to drive traffic to your site.
    • Unlimited hosting
      So you can have COMPLETELY unlimited traffic to your site!
    • A simple shop
      'Buy' buttons leading to PayPal, Worldpay, Google Checkout.
    • Free Website Design!
      Initial site design or conversion included in the monthly price!
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  • Loaded Cactus Assisted Design / Bespoke Projects :: £35 per hour plus VAT

    If your requirements don't fit in to either of the packages mentioned above, then maybe our assisted web design service is more appropriate for you.

    An assisted design project might be something as simple as adding a contact form to an existing website for you, or something a little more technical like setting up an e-commerce site with user accounts and a shopping basket.

    Assisted Design includes...

    • Custom designed elements
      Graphic design for your site, eg. a striking banner including a logo.
    • Image optimisation
      We enhance images to a higher quality & for fast loading pages.
    • Search engine optimisation Or 'SEO'
      We add keywords & tags to drive traffic to your site.
    • Buy buttons
      A simple shop using Paypal, Worldpay or Google Checkout.
    • Custom Forms
      For contact requests, or taking orders
    • And more...
    • Hire a Web Designer See Our Work


    If what you require isn't mentioned here, contact us to ask!